Bluebells in the wood looking north in April
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Red campions spreading around the wood.


Accessible,  Affordable,  Successful wildlife photography

Come and relax in a friendly atmosphere and learn how to create unique and meaningful moments through the lens or rent hides purpose built for bird photography.

A peaceful oasis in ancient Sussex woodland where anyone of any ability and equipment level can wonder at the spectacle of the natural world and then capture it, either  on a Workshop  or  Hide rental

Let the wildlife comes to you.
Come and enjoy an intimate look into the lives of our native flora and fauna.

As the owner of  Millers wood it gives me a chance to give something back to nature by restoring the wood, which has not been touched in 30 years, firstly by removing the Rhododendron, cutting back bramble & bracken.
Planting native trees and shrubs and by building nest boxes and creating a wildlife haven.
Watching it take shape over the years to come and  give wildlife a safe secure home.

All photos on this Website use Low resolution to speed up navigation.

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