Bank Vole Workshop

To Book .
Email me at or call me on 07557798948.
I must have at least 24hrs notice and minimum of two people.

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Bit of info on the voles first:
The Bank Vole or Red-backed vole.    Latin name.  Clethrionomys glareolus

The Bank Vole lives in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens.
Bank Voles eat fruit, nuts and small insects, but are particularly keen on hazelnuts and blackberries. They are very active animals and are frequently seen.
Bank Voles can have three or four litters a year, each with up to seven young.
Voles can be distinguished from mice by their rounder faces, smaller ears and eyes and shorter tails.

The Bank Vole is a richer, chestnut brown than the Field Vole and has a proportionally longer tail.
Length: 10cm plus a tail of 6cm Weight: 15-40g Average lifespan: 1.5 years

The Workshop is run 10 am to 12.30 pm

This is an ideal workshop for anyone wanting to get close up photos of these fascinating little creatures, these are wild voles and released after the session.
It will be 2 – 3 people at a time or small group booked together and for 2.5 hours max as too not distress the Voles, but so far they seem anything but distressed, they just carry on as if you are not there.
I have built an indoor set which is 8 foot across with movable partitions, so you can work on one set whilst arranging the next set.

Recently I have built an outdoor set in which you can stand around and varie the background, this has worked really well so I will spend time improving this setup.

I will be on hand to show you how it works or leave you to it depending on you.

There is props for you to use and you can wonder around the wood to see what’s in season, blackberries, Hawthorne ,sloes etc.

Maximum 2 -3  people at a time or small group booked together.



Indoor set.

Tripod optional, probably get in the way but up to you if you feel you need it, monopod would work better and more versatile, most people use freehand.
Macro lens or lens capable of focusing close, I used a Nikon 105mm 2.8 macro lens so anything similar.

Subjects as close as 500ml if you wish or 1.5 mtrs if you stand or sit  back.

You can will be literately 2 foot away so close focusing lens is essential, however you may sit further back if you cannot focus this close.

Outdoor set.

This set has been designed so you can walk all around the subjects and pick different angles giving interesting compositions and vary the background.

Lens wise a lens capable of focusing 1 to 3 mtrs so most people have a lens that will cover this.

As I said I will be around to get you the best shots I can, no pressure just good a bit of fun and no Voles stressed in the least, they will be released back into my wood straight after the shoot .

Price will be £50 pp for the Voles (2.5 hrs max) with a £25 option to spend the remainder of the day in the bird hides if you wish.

To Book

Email me at or call me on 07557798948, I must have at least 48 hrs notice and minimum of two people for this workshop.

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