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Thank you,  all comments help improve Millers wood for everyone.

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Stan and Dee Maddams

Hi again John

“We had a great day at Millers Wood on Sunday, great variety of birds, in particular, never seen so many great spotted woodpeckers visiting at the same time. Everything has been well thought out and arranged so that you cant fail to come home with some great images. We will certainly be visiting again

Our flickr album has a selection here


Look forward to visiting again


Stan and Dee Maddams

Lillian King
Hello John,
I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunities to capture such wonderful images from my four visits to Miller’s Woods, a place to forget everything once inside that gate….the macro sessions with the voles, are amazing and to know these little creatures are released as soon as they look tired or after the macro session, is wonderful to know and see.
As for the experiences in the hides… and you have six there, and even now, I still have not been in all, the pond is unique with the jays and other birds giving us a reflection of themselves, set in the woods away from everything, then the reflection pool set out beautifully to capture even more reflections, Oh and I could still go on! But if anyone is thinking of spending a day with you… they are really in for a treat, you will see an almost endless stream of interesting birds.
I look forward to my next two days there to see what else I can photograph and be proud of showing off.

Just to say thank you very much for a lovely day, you’ve put so much work into the place and the results are great
For us photographers.
Can’t wait to see the next projects you work on
Just a few of the many pictures I took on the day


Your very Welcome

Julie Foster
Hi John

Thanks again for a great day, my 3rd visit and some great photos

Hope to see you soon, for another relaxing day

June Morley and her friend Julie can on Saturday and started photographing the Bank voles and wood mice.They had a great time and then spent the afternoon in the bird hides.
Here is some of June’s shots from the day.

Hi John

Hope you are well
Sorry for delay I have been so busy but at last here’s some pictures for you
Speak soon


Hi John

Thanks for a great day, hope to be back soon, so relaxing, 3 of my favourite images from today

regards Julie

Debra Flynn & Karen
Hi John
As promised here are some of the photos from our Vole shoot the other Sunday, hope they are ok.
Karen and I really enjoyed ourselves, I think we learned a lot and I’d love to come along with a ring flash next time to see if I can some sharper shots.

Hi Debra,
Come and give it a try, that’s one of the purposes of me running Millers wood so we can all try out new things and learn and share from them, I think you both did great at your first a attempt and look forward to seeing you again.
Take care
Here is a link to more of Debra great work on Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/debraflynnphotography/

Helen Wiggins
Hi John,

Just dropping you a line to say what a great day I had last Sunday and have attached a few pics from the day. Happy for you to use them in your guests gallery if you wish.

I think you’ve done a brilliant job with the hides and I was amazed how close we go to the birds which really helps to get good pictures…and I really enjoyed the chance to get pictures of voles too, both in the hut and out by the hides.

I am a member of another photography group, Adur Photographic Society and I looking to see if I could arrange a visit with them, if there is enough interest. Nevertheless I plan a return visit myself at some point.

Many thanks again
Your very welcome any time, see you soon

Hi John

Sue North
It was lovely to meet you on Sunday.

Colin and I had a lovely time.
On the Sunday the 12th march 2017 me and Colin went to Miller Woods for the first time and I got some lovely photos. It is a lovely place the hides are the best I have been in it is an amazing place one that you can be at home in I well be going back the soon.

Julie foster
Hi John

Thanks again for a lovely relaxing day. I joined you with Paul, Ian and Donna on Saturday 11th March.
Please find attached my 3 top photos from our visit. It was a 1st for me to photograph Birds in this way,

Annette Knight paid another visit, this time starting with the new vole set up and got some great shots from here first attempt.
Click arrows to slide photos < >

Tarina Hill
Hi John,
Just wanted to thank you for a brilliant day last Tuesday when I came over with Sandy.

Thank you for all your help and tips, I learnt at least 3 new things that will hopefully help me improve my photography. I loved what you have managed to achieve so far with the different set ups and your ideas for further improvements. I got some much needed practice and look forward to returning for more next year.

Best wishes for Christmas and the new year.
Tarina Hill

left to right Sandra White, Tarina Hil and Kay
Great spotte woodpecker by Tarina Hill

Philip Holloway
Some recent photos from Phil last visit and a short video taken by Philip back in October it can be see here   Phils video from Millers wood

John Walker
Hi John
Thanks for last week, thoroughly enjoyed my time and it is good to see how the site is progressing.
Take care
see more of Johns photos on Flickr here: Johns Flickr site

Russell Harvey
Hi John

Nothing that’s gonna win an award but i’m pretty happy….

No 4 was a bit unfortunate by given me some ideas – without the pellet in his beak!

Thanks, Russ

TREVOR ELLIS from the Natural World Photography Society to his club members.
As photographers many of us photograph birds, we can go out and hope to find a subject in the right place where we are able to get a good view to take a photograph, we can also go to reserves where birds are attracted by food and water, the only trouble with this is that the birds are on feeders or perched on tree stumps etc that are covered in seed and we end up with images that do not look natural.
I have visited Millers wood at Handcross, a area of natural woodland that John Stanton is turning into a great place to photograph birds and other wildlife in natural settings from various hides he has constructed. John is a photographer himself so he his aware of what makes a good image and will arrange settings for you or you can arrange your own and even take your own props.
I know a couple of our present members have already visited Miller wood also Kate Radcliffe and Sandy White have visited a few times and liked it so much they have taken other photographer there.
If your not sure what is involved you can always visit and John will always show you around so you can see if its for you.
I am only endorsing this because I have visited myself and was very impressed. I have attached a few images taken there, they are not award winning images but I think they look quite natural.

Brian Watkins
Hi John,

Many thanks for another great day at Millers Wood, I thoroughly enjoyed it and got some lovely images too.
What you’ve achieved so far is fantastic, the variety and volume of species coupled with the tranquil location and comfortable, brilliantly thought out hides is perfect.
You’ve been extremely welcoming and accommodating and I look forward to many more visits over the coming months.

Wishing you all the best


Thanks Brian, your welcome any time.

Hi John,

Thanks for a great morning. I wish you all the best with your project and will certainly be booking the hides again
You can see more of Andrews photos at: https://flic.kr/s/aHskHW8SA9
Please click arrows or photos to see more.

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