After finishing the Reflection pool the next agenda is to make the main hide.
As I was clearing the Rhodies and the fallen trees I was on the lookout as to where to place the hide and settled for this spot.
In woodland you can never get enough light and settled for the best light in the afternoon, but as I type the leaves are falling of the trees and it gets better by the day.
I needed this hide to sit 4 people with comfort but in reality I reckon 6 could shoot from here if needed.
The hide frame consists of more Chestnut posts buried to about 18 inch onto which I can fix Larch sidings.

An extra post is buried for the door frame and then the ground is levelled.

The next step is to form the roof, as before I am trying to use as much timber from the wood as possible, but knowing how difficult it would be to try and mill the timber to standard lengths it was just a lot easier to buy in what I would need, saving time and money.
So the roof will consist of 5 sheets of ply and about 70mtrs of 4×2 with about a 4 inch fall front to back for the rain to run off.

The roofs on and I have nailed the felt, you can see I have started to nail the sidings made from larch, I was planning on using the larch to make a sort of log cabin but these sidings where just to heavy so I decided to cut them down the middle giving 2 sides per log.

Almost there just 2 more planks for the back and the front to construct.

The view of the front of the hide with window sills fitted and camo netting to give the birds a safe working distance.
Inside I have fitted heavy duty polythene to make water and waterproof, this also keeps the inside nice and dark making anyone inside almost invisible.

This is the view from the main hide.

Birds photographed from the main hide.

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