Millers wood photo competition

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to all the photographers who have supported me by visiting Miller’s wood and getting this project off the ground.
In the way of giving something back I would like to start a photo competition every three months, ), starting September (Autumn)

The fairest way for me to choose is to enter the names of of entrants into a hat and draw one.

The winner gets a free day at Miller’s wood to include the use of all 6 hides.

The photos will be displayed on my Millers Wood photo competition page on Flickr (a photo sharing site), don’t worry if you don’t have an account.
For those, who want to enter and don’t want to join Flickr ( it’s free for a basic account) they can send their photos to me at and I will load them onto the Millers wood page on Flickr for everyone to see.
For those that use Flickr please join the Millers page if you haven’t already and put your best four photos from your visit and then tag with #Millers wood competition
Once again thank you and Good luck.

Blue Tits bathing by John Stanton
Great tit from reflection pool by John Stanton
Jay in the pond by John Stanton
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