Woodland Bird Workshop

To Book call me on 07557798948 or email me at jstanton1@sky.com

Course overview.

The aim of the course is to get members off automatic settings and start using their camera in manual modes ( focusing on the aperture priority mode or full manual ), enabling creative photography to take place.

If you want to get more out of your camera, but don’t know aperture from ISO then this course is for you.

This is a full day woodland bird photography course starting at 9am till 4pm summer, 3pm winter and focuses on getting great photographs of woodland birds in a privately owned woodland close to Handcross ,West Sussex.
I have 6 purpose built hides and one one set up for bank voles and wood mice.

The area has been set up with wildlife photography in mind and offers fantastic opportunities to photograph many birds including notoriously shy and difficult to photograph species such as the Great spotted woodpecker, Marsh tit and Nuthatch.
We will be using the bait and perch method to bring the birds in close to get frame filling photos.
I will teach you about depth of field , iso, shutter speed and exposure compensation etc to get the best shot with the given light.

Don’t worry if it seems complicated as I will explain it all clearly with lots of examples and ongoing feedback throughout the day as we shoot.

Venue:    Millers Wood , West Sussex    Please click for directions
Fee: £75 pp with a maximum of 6 members to minimize disturbance
1:1. Instruction at £125 (Date by mutual arrangement , contact me for dates)

What to bring.
Camera equipment needed.
1: SLR Camera , either DX or Full Frame .
Hybrid cameras may be used with long enough lens.
2: Lens: The birds will be mostly 10 – 12 feet away so I would suggest focal length lens of 300mm – 500ml is required but we can move props nearer or further away to suit.
I personally shoot small birds with my 500ml and larger birds woodpeckers etc with my 300ml on a full frame camera, so anything around that will suffice.
3: Spare batteries and cards
4: Camera support: Beanbag:
A tripod is not needed as we shoot from the hide shelf on beanbags.
I have 4 on site on a first come basis.
If however you need to use a tripod you can.
5: Suitable clothing, hat & gloves etc if cold.
Don’t forget you can always take a layer off but not having an extra layer can be uncomfortable in the cold winter months.
6: Packed lunch ( We can use High Beeches tea rooms with 20% discount if you wish 5 mins away)
7: Composting toilet available on site.
8: Species and bird behaviour may vary based on conditions and guarantees of shots cannot be given but I will do my best to get you some great photos and memories.

Hide rental also available click here > HIDE RENTAL AVAILABLE

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